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CLARA-W Slope Stability Analysis in 2 or 3 dimensions has retired.
New licences will therefore no longer be issued.  We will, however, continue supporting existing licences as outlined in the Licence Agreement.  A program with similar capabilities and some improvements has been developed by SoilVision Systems Ltd. You can receive further information on the following site:


DAN-W remains active.  Thank you for your support of our software.

CLARA-W, a Windows version of the three-dimensional slope stability program, was released in July, 2001.  Although similar in concept to its DOS predecessor, which has been in use for more than a decade, this is a totally new program with a number of powerful capabilities for both 3D and 2D analysis.  The program is very easy to operate and to learn, despite it's advanced features.  Even if it were used only as a 2D program, CLARA-W will stand out among competitors in terms of versatility and ease of use.  Its 3D capability, however, adds a new dimension.  Problem configurations can involve rotational or non-rotational sliding surfaces, ellipsoids, wedges, compound surfaces, fully specified surfaces and searches.

 With CLARA-W, it is possible to switch smoothly from 2D to 3D, to analyze sections from a 3D problem or to search for the most unfavourable direction of sliding.  Other features include point loads, tension cracks, earthquake loading, anisotropic and non-linear material strength models and the possibility to use digital elevation model (DEM) files to specify ground surface topography. 

Geometry can be input or edited graphically, using a built-in digitizer of scanned slope cross-section images.  A powerful suite of built-in graphics is supplemented by the ability to export graphic output into other programs through the clipboard or output files. Formatted instant printer reports are produced automatically.  Complete help files and a detailed illustrated Userís Manual are provided. 

CLARA-W is based on the DOS version that is in use at over 150 companies, research institutes and universities in Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, France, Italy, Australia, Indonesia and Taiwan.  Holders of CLARA DOS licenses are entitled to discounts.

A free demo is available.

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