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A free demo version of CLARA-W is available for download.  This is a complete, fully functional copy of the program, except that the solver engine, calculating the Factors of Safety, is disabled.  The demo can be used to read and examine the tutorial examples provided.  It is also possible to construct new slope stability problems, examine them graphically and record them in files ready for future analysis with a copy of CLARA-W.  The demo solution will always return a Factor of Safety of 1.0.  However, it does output the slide volume and weight, error and warning messages and detailed forces and pore-pressures on each column. 

To download the demo version of CLARA-W:                    

  1. Click here and save the CLARA-W_DEMO.ZIP file to an empty subdirectory on your drive.
  2. Once downloaded, unzip the file within the same directory, then double-click the setup.exe application and follow the instructions.
  3. Tutorial examples and Help files are included with the download.

To download the user's manual for CLARA-W:                    

  1. Click here to open the CLW-Manual.pdf file (1.88MB) using Adobe Reader.

Free utility to rotate and extract grid files from conventional SURFER surface grid files, and make them useable by CLARA-W:                    

  1. Click here to download the ExtractGrid.zip file (0.98MB).

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