DAN-W: Runout Analysis
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  • General two or three-dimensional slope geometry with multiple material layers.
  • Choice of Bishop’s Simplified, Janbu Simplified, Spencer and Morgenstern-Price (with a half-sine interslice force function) methods of analysis.
  • Mesh generator with three alternative methods of interpolation, capable of creating general or axisymmetric geometries.
  • Simple, largely self-explanatory input and graphic or keyboard-based editing.
  • Use of scanned images to digitize geometry cross-sections.
  • Interpolation and copy features to minimize the amount of data which needs to be supplied by the user.

The summary result of a 3D solution with the detailed output window.

  • Possibility to use Digital Elevation Model (DEM) files to represent the ground surface or stratigraphic layers.
  • Checking for data errors.
  • Warnings for improperly specified sliding surfaces and other conditions.
  • Choice of Coulomb isotropic, Coulomb anisotropic or non-linear (Hoek and Brown, 1981) material strength models.
  • Discontinuities (joints) with distinct strength properties and piezometric conditions, which can be specified to form parts of the sliding surface.
  • Choice of pore-pressure ratios or multiple piezometric surfaces.

Material Properties Editor

  • Ellipsoidal, spherical, cylindrical or composite sliding surfaces.
  • Automatic or grid searches for the critical sliding ellipsoid / circle.
  • Multi-planar wedge sliding surfaces, constructed of planes specified by dips, dip directions and discontinuity types.
  • General (specified) non-rotational two or three-dimensional sliding surfaces.
  • Two-dimensional analysis of cross-sections from a 3D data file.
  • External point loads.
  • Tension cracks.

An X-ray view of a slope defined by a digital elevation model. (DEM)

  • Optional detailed display of column forces and other variables.
  • Graphics: longitudinal and transverse cross-sections, 3D isometry, X-Ray diagrams.
  • Exporting graphics directly to Golden Software GRAPHER ™, SURFER ™, or other graphics software.
  • Exporting graphics via clipboard.
  • Printing an instant report on the latest trial calculation.

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